I am Archana. An ex-corporate slave of ten years, a mom of a 6.5 year old boy and owner of a tiny little entrepreneurship.

I have recently started this little organisation called The Reading Room in Trivandrum Kerala. The Reading Room is a little bit of everything for a book lover. We have spaces for people to sit and read, study, discuss their subjects, have little book clubs, bring their laptops and work and so on. In addition to this, we have a little library to borrow from for all age groups and a tiny store where you can look around and buy something interesting for your next read.

But what we do most often is to read with children. Through our program called Storyhour, we have our young members come in twice a week for story sessions, regular reading activities, a lot of creative writing, word games and crosswords and to even present skits and plays. The idea is to make books fun again for the little ones.

And this blog is dedicated to talk about not what I teach, but what I learn from my interactions with the little ones  that come here everyday as well as what I learn from parenting my own 6 year old. So this is simply meant to share my anecdotes as a storyteller to kids and what I felt about various incidents and observations surrounding this.

Hope you have fun reading and looking forward to hear about what you have to share about these topics as well.


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